We are passionate in our cutting & coloring skills along with maintaining the integrity of your hair. We have been taught, mentored and educated by leading industry Icons. In turn you will receive unsurpassed level of service, enthusiasm and a fresh new approach to your personal style. We are proud to offer seamlessly merged cutting edge techniques and products, a vital pairing to meet your needs.

Mary Jane (MJ)

Hair Boss

She isn’t going to let anything slip past her! Always up for the funky styles! A rockstar clipper cutter, men’s hair expert in house! She can take a piece of just about anything and create beauty! A TRUE ARTIST!

Kassondra (Kassie)

Cutting & Styling Specialist
Image consultant

Kassie is an all around go-getter. She is capable of making the consumer leave the salon educated with their new look 👀 as well as the PRODUCTS to enhance that, based off of their needs.



A mainstream colorist, with a background in numerous colors and design. She is open minded and willing to work with you to achieve your hair goals. She is forward thinking and can create transformation. She is a good fit to the Hairitage Square team!