Retirement and Salon Closure Announcement

Dear Clients and Friends,

I hope this season has been as good as it could be in these unique times. It has given me time to reflect and consider several things, and one of those considerations is the future of my business, Hairitage Square. This is hard to write, but after nearly 50 years of doing hair and serving my clients, I’ve made the decision to retire and close the salon. This is effective immediately and I won’t be reopening Hairitage Square after the restrictions from COVID-19 are lifted. We wanted to send this letter as soon as possible so when Governor Walz opens salons, you have time to find a new stylist.

What about Kassie?
Kassie will be pursuing new adventures and isn’t sure where that would lead yet, but she isn’t going to be doing hair in the foreseeable future either. The past couple of months have given both Kassie and the opportunity to reflect and dream. Kassie wants to pursue even more creative opportunities and owning a business would limit that.

What about the building?
Regarding the building, I’ve found a buyer for the building and will be selling it this summer. The new buyer will be converting the building into something different and we aren’t sure of the plans, but it won’t be a salon any longer.

Can you cut my hair on the side?
I know some of you may request that we cut your hair on the side, but that isn’t something we do safely with the COVID-19 Pandemic happening. The requirements for stylists are very strict, which is another reason for this decision, and we can’t take on the liability and risk. I’m sorry. If you ask, we will refer you to a salon locally that we know to be good.

Are you going to have a closing date?
YES! Before June 30th of 2020, we will be having a sale of all our extra products, supplies and décor. Watch our Facebook page for details in the coming month for an update.

Final Thoughts:
After almost 50 years in business, I’m excited for a little rest and relaxation and I want to thank you for your patronage and support. YOU have been too good to us and we have come to know and love many of you as friends. Again, we want to DEEPLY THANK YOU for your years of support. We have SOOO enjoyed working with you and having you come into our salon and become our friends and customers. We are grateful to have been able to serve you over the years.

This has been a big decision to make and we are both excited about what lies ahead.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you around town.

Many thanks!
Mary Jane Skurat   &    Kassondra Song

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